Friday, 18 July 2014

Simple, Low Cost Teachers Gift - Stationary Jars

As the teachers gifts become ever more extravagant and recent news coverage revealing that some teachers will receive spa days and hotel breaks I can't help but wonder if people are missing the point of them? 

For us, teachers gifts should be low cost, small gestures of thanks. I do not see the need for parents to donate £5/£10 each to be clubbed together into some extravagant gift. That is an easy way out, and no real thought given. 

We give gifts to the teachers who have made a difference to Snaffles, ones who have helped him with small things or been a strong constant in his school life. 

This year one person who has stood out is his teaching assistant. His teacher has been on and off sick, she eventually went on long term sick leave, he has been past from teacher, supply teacher and eventually a job share between two teachers. Through all of this his teaching assistant has been there, familiar with the children, their behavior and abilities and I do not doubt how valuable that would have been to whichever teacher was teaching him at the time in making the uncertainty easier on all students. 

These stationary pots are simple, easy and low cost. I crocheted jar covers for my jars with leftover wool and jam jars which were heading to the recycling tub. 

I am afraid I have no pattern. But pop over to Attic 24 for her stripy jar cover or tin cover if you are short on jars. 

Once the covers were ready we bought some stationary and divided the packs up between the jars and viola, Stationary filled jam jars. 

I used shell stitch, summer garden granny square and v stitch on these. 

We spent;
Rulers: £1.20 for 3
Pencils £0.40 for 10
Pencil Crayons £1.00 for 24
Pens £1 for 10
TOTAL COST £3.60. That is only £1.20 per jar, a little creativity and time.

Our jars will be joined by homemade cards which again cuts down on the cost but also makes them more personal. Snaffles will no doubt draw some of his favourite things of the cards and I usually get him to choose one favourite thing he has enjoyed this school year to write in his card.

However, if you can't crochet or are really pushed for time then improvise, what about tying some ribbon around your jar or some hessian/fabric and raffia? 

There are so many other ways you could decorate your jars/tins. Why not try some of these ideas. 

  • Glue stones to your jar, 
  • Glue shells to your jar,
  • Cover your jar in glue and roll it in glitter,
  • Use glass pens to draw a picture ,
  • Stick a band of wallpaper around your jar,
  • Stick a band of gift wrap around your jar
  •  Stick a band of wallpaper around your jar. 
The possibilities are endless. 


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  3. Golly tea get s spa gifts ! I'm in the wrong job
    The stationery jars are lovely

    1. I know. Wouldn't a spa day be lovely.

  4. These are beautiful, damn I wish I could master crochet!

    I read that article about teacher's gifts - horrifying. I ducked out of the collection at our school and did our own homemade thing, but they collected £300 for the teacher - she was mortified!

  5. What a brilliant way to say thank you! And at that price, anyone could do it. We need more of this and less of the "collection".